Architect & Speculative Artist based in Norway


Experiments, exploring what conditions makes people to meet and start discussion with each other

Public Physical Forum

Sound installation

Kids workshop

Participation(project with distinction)
The new type of housing for those who decided to move into the virtual reality

Euthanasia city

Negative space. Intervention on site

Tests on site micro urbanism

Parks in virtual environment as a place for political participation

Public Virtual Forum where people test and shape how the physical cities is developing

Pavilion "Diffusing echo chamber"

Open Form Game

New program for Town Hall quarter in Bergen, Norway

Suicide Crisis Center, Vilnius, Lithuania

Housing complex in Vilnius, Lithuania
Family House

Hotel in natural environment

Art gallery in Vilnius


Lemonade bottle design

Editorial design

Motion in architecture
Flying over the lands in virtual reality

Experiments with typography

Geometric shapes integrated in landscape

Pure food branding

Tara branding


Chocolate packaging

Well connected branding

Branding for Comida restaurant in Oslo



Leather bags
Leather shoes
Leather wallets




2019-2021 MA in Architecture, Bergen School of Architecture (BAS), Norway

2020 MA in Architecture (visiting student), Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), Norway

2010-2015 BA in Architecture, Vilnius Academy of Art (VDA), Lithuania


2022-now Krohnark, Oslo, Norway

2018-2019 Architectural Internship at Helen and Hard architects, Stavanger, Norway

2016 Graphic designer at The Atomic Garden Vilnius, Lithuania

2016 Product designer at Makerspace Green Garage Vilnius, Lithuania

2016 Graphic design intern at Farmgroup, Bangkok, Thailand

2015-2017 Freelance graphic designer, Vilnius, Lithuania

2013 Co-founder of Wildlife Analysis (Leather design brand) Vilnius, Lithuania

2012 Illustrator at Shutterstock


2022 BILIA -Bienal Latinoamericana de Inteligencia Artificial 2022, Mexico City, Mexico

2022 Project_PIAQ5454, GRETA, Zagreb, Croatia

2021 YES NO SOCIETY, Franz-Emerich-Gasse 6, Vienna, Austria

2021 Social Awareness Project, Strovolos Cultural Centre, Strovolos, Cyprus

2021 Maze Affair Vol V, The Bunker Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

2021 CLIMATE CULTURE : online exhibition

2021 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival, Athens, Greece

2021 Building the Resilient City, Seoul Biennalle of Architecture and Urbanism 2021, Seoul, South Korea

2021 Windows into the Virtual, LoosenArt Collection Gallery, Rome, Italy

2021 Mellombels (MA Graduation show), BAS, Bergen, Norway

2021 Design in an Age of Crisis, London Design Biennale, Somerset House, London, UK (physical exhibition)

2021 AHO Works, AHO, Oslo, Norway

2021 Perspectives 2021, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

2020 The Maker Art Pandemia, The New Art Fest, Lisbon, Portugal

2020 Design in an Age of Crisis, London Design Biennale, London, UK (digital exhibition)

2019 Participation, Kristiansholm, Bergen, Norway


2021 ContactZine, Tbilisi, Georgia

2021 Exhibition Catalogue Windows into the Virtual, LoosenArt Collection Gallery, Rome, Italy

2021 Exhibition Catalogue Mellombels, BAS, Bergen, Norway

Presentations and Conferences:

2021 Guest talk, UiS Smart Sustainable Cities, University of Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway

2021 Film screening, IAM Weekend 21- Planet Earth, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barselona, Spain

2021 Film is used in teaching at Department of Urban Studies and Planning, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, England

2020 Film screening, Spatial Strategies course at Muthesius Academy Kiel, Kiel, Germany


2015 Land art on the mound, A celebration of pluck flowering, Neris Regional Park, Lithuania

2013 Land art instalation, Yaga Gathering Festival, Ežeraitis Forest, southern Lithuania


2020 TOP 30 Architecture Thesis of the Year 2020 (Selected from over 1000 entries from 104 nations)

2009 Silver medal at A. Žmuidzinavičiaus Drawing Olympiad at Kaunas University of Technology


2022 Work grant for young / newly established artists. Kulturradet in Norway

2021 Individual Grant. Lithuanian Council for Culture

Lina Dovydenaite mail: lina.dovydenaite@gmail.comphone: +47 973 00 468