Housing complex in Vilnius

The design starts from thinking how living space can be completed by the nature.
The Housing complex is located in Vilnius city, Uzupis district. On the site is situated five separate buildings which have same structure - pentagon. Pentagon shape becomes deformed by reacting to site situation. By referring to the heights, volumes and facades of nearby buildings, the project is able to integrate into the context of urban structures and nature. Continuation of the perimeter block and building structure creates an “urban wall”, which closes from urban life and opens up to the nature. Towards the river building complex becomes less dense and adapts it´s volumes to the neighboring houses.
The shape of extruded pentagons is chosen as a module which is connected by the stairway module. Pentagons forms inner courtyards - green communal spaces. Towards the river 3 buildings of housing complex have approximately equal volume as a neighbor houses which are protected cultural heritage. In this way, buildings maintain a connection to the surroundings. Pentagon module is modified to introduce variety of the apartment sizes. In the entire site is dominating round courtyards and curved facades. Organic expression of the building complex reflects nature around. The complex consists of 112 individual apartments. Which is equal 7720 sq. m