Family house

Family house (293 sq.m) is located in Mazoji Riese village, 17 km from Vilnius city center.
It is chosen to have archetypical house silhouettes, which helps for houses peacefully merge into environment.
The large windows have a view to the regional park forest which fills house with picturesque scenery.
The interior is shaped by suroundings, inside dominates natural surfaces, like wood and marble.There is strong link between interior and exerior. Same like inside timber plays most important role outside as well. In the facade is used timber slats which in a period of time will transform into silver grey color. In this way house merges into nature and leaves for nature to dominate.
In the site is designed two houses: smaller functions as garage, storage and sauna. The bigger funcions as a living space with four bedrooms. The house is designed for family with three kids. In the site is planed children playground, warmhouse, gardening space, meditation area.