Kids workshop

Third contact with the community was through kids workshop. To hold a kids workshop inspired me one french philosopher who wrote: “Only such a society is democratic where the most vulnerable part of society have the opportunity to speak out. Democracy means that everyone must be heard.” So I decided to include the participation of vulnerable group such as children.

Architecture workshop for families and children.
Event description:

During this workshop children got to select a site in the Bergen Arkitekthøgskole.They decided what kind of public space in this site could be built for Sandviken people. They decided what kind of activities could be in the building/outdoor place.They got to construct/build a small model using wood. They produced basic sketches/plans.Also they got to transform/decorate big concrete silo of Bergen Arkitekthøgskole using pencils.
Parents joined creating their own place for the community.

Bergen Arkitekthøgskole students were working on opening up the school territory and water front for the Sandviken community.
The workshop was part of public involvement to create more democratic inclusive public space.
Building models for new community space withing architecture school territory
Mother with daughter is doing 1:1 intervention on site