The Suicide Crisis Center is dedicated to people who have attempted suicide.

Suicide risk for those who have attempted is 100 times bigger than for those who have not attempted. Therefore, in order to decrease the number of suicides, has to be created an appropriate support system for those who already attempted suicide.
Suicide occurs throughout the world, affecting individuals of all nations, cultures, religions, genders and classes. Statistics shows that Lithuania has a second highest suicide rate in the world. Currently in Lithuania, suicides are committed by about a thousand people a year which is about twenty people a week. And even larger number is of those who have attempted suicide. There is no institution which would give the support they need.
Since there isn´t analogue center in Lithuania or worldwide, therefore, buildings of similar typology had to be analyzed.
The building is in the Pavilniai Regional Park, in the intersection of Kojelaviciaus and Kuckuriskiu streets. As we can see in this site collides two different poles, the street which creates the sensation of insecurity and distraction and unique, comforting and safe nature. The building composition in the site is based on fact that person who comes to Crisis Center is sensitive to the environment. Therefore, it is planted solid tree outline opposing both streets. The building overlooks the side of Vilnele river and the distant view of Pavilniai forest.
The main idea of this building is seamlessly to connect and open up to the nature. For this reason, the building is designed to have a plastic shape. Part of the building seamlessly immerse into the terain. This way the volume joins the slope next to it. Part of the first floor goes underground and it has 4,3 percent inclination which is disabled friendly. Common spaces are design in light wells which are as greenhouses- internal courtyard. The building can accommodate 50 people.