New type of housing for the ones who decided to move into the virtual reality

(New type of housing is part of the speculative scenario of AI supported Data-driven Direct Democracy.)
The housing contains 192 apartments. The space marked in black is taking 14400 sq.m but only 2916 sq. meters will be taken away as a top ground surface which is area of 9 courtyards. The housing is 10 meters in depth.

People are connected to Public Virtual Forum where people test and shape how the physical cities is developing. People connect into Augmented Reality and FPV Flying also known as first-person point of view, it gives the ability for people to see from a particular visual perspective other than one's actual location. Here people’s expressed idea instantly turns into a virtual element that interacts with what already exists. In that way combining virtual architectural design ideas with the physical world.In Public Virtual Forum people test out ideas for transforming the physical city in which they live.AI architecture agent deals intelligently with particular complex tasks and essentially uses the deep learning algorithms to solve complicated physical-world problems. Just to mention a few of the things an AI architecture agent does:AI agent understands how people use spaces with the same or a similar program. AI agent also understands the context and behaviour of people in relation to the built environment. AI agent can then integrate and translate people’s suggestions into the context, to accurately deliver what people need and desire from their physical surroundings.
Architectural researchers, anthropologists, and many other architecture related professionals work to improve AI architecture agent. They research on very particular and specific aspects that deep learning algorithms are still not able to learn by themselves.AI architecture agent is based on real time data.
There are 3 different types of channels. Blue, yellow and red.
Places marked in blue are where people are connected to the same channel along with the AI architecture agent working in that particular location.
Each project has a set timeframe within which the final result must be achieved. It ranges from 1 to several thousand hours.

Places marked in yellow are where the AI agent generates several different architectural solutions for each requested project. Here, people or client vote to determine which proposal should be implemented.

Places marked in red are where people are connected to the personal channel.People work mostly with their private buildings and the competitions for the public areas that they occupy. Everyone has access to each others personal channels and can vote on proposals regarding public areas. If a high level of consensus is achieved then the proposals are transformed into reality.

Housing proposal generated by AI architecture agent from people suggestions for the housing
Blue channel:
AI architecture agent:The Sunshine Coast city adopts the law that citizens can live in virtual environments. Therefore, for those human-to-human interactions that happen in virtual reality people are meeting one another using their avatars. The popularity of virtual reality grows due to the fact that it is safer than in the physical world where you are at risk of physical accident and crime. While virtual reality is perfectly safe, at least for our physical body. After the city recently passed a law according to which citizens are able to live in a virtual environment, we are here to create a new type of housing for those who decided to move into the virtual reality.Any ideas?Person 1: - What if the location would be on the outskirts of the city, especially as the residents do not specifically require anything from the physical city?Person 2: - Could we build down instead of building up? This could be in the form of a subterranean dwelling. The housing and just like the citizens themselves, would be invisible in the physical world. Person 3: - I think it is clearer when described from the other perspective. People who have moved to the virtual world pretty much have erased their ego from the physical world, their alter egos are living as avatars but now invisible outside of the virtual reality. I think therefore the design of housing should represent this absence of the ego of the individual. All dwellings should be the same.Person 4: - Their physical bodies have to fulfil basic needs like sleep, eat and defecate. I believe the need for sunlight and natural daylight is also important to include. within their manufacturing technology and programming.Person 6: - The most important is a dedicated virtual reality room with good ventilation and space for cables, power supplies, and other system. A big enough space so as not to hit physical walls.AI Architecture Agent: - This conversation is already translated into a plan proposal for a housing project. Let’s take a look at it now.AI Architecture Agent: - We got pretty much what has been requested. Let’s vote. AI Architecture Agent: - The proposal was accepted. Good. We can continue from where we are now.
Housing plan proposal generated by AI architecture agent from people suggestions for the housing
AI Architecture Agent: - Let’s go in and see the housing from the inside.Person 7: - What if we bring some softness to the apartment. AI Architecture Agent: - Noted.Person 8: - Let´s choose a building material that isn’t static but is constantly growing. Artificial organic 'cells' that absorb carbon dioxide. AI Architecture Agent: - Noted. Update.

The housing from the inside, before people starts proposing.
The housing from the inside, after some proposals from people.