Open form game. Action-reaction design

The draft design proposal became a tool for reaching out people on the site the ones who already is using site as a public place. It opened up the discussion on the potential of this underused parking lot, letting me to play my interpretation of “Warsaw game” with people who entered the site. They were asked while looking at the proposal to add or take away qualities of proposed public place. After returning home I filtered as architect what has been said and updated the proposal.

1st sketch proposal based on the outcome from questionnaires, interviews and kids workshop
Actions: I started this proposal by including activities communicated by the community like: dog park, places to sit, cafe, roof, place for fishing, swimming possibility, by the sea side, beach sand, open area, good view, community gathering place, place to talk to people, local environment, green areas, grill, place to meet friends, peaceful place, flexible area, possibility to bring your own outdoor games, sunbathing, trees like a roof, away from pollution, place for reading, table, library, shelter

2nd sketch proposal based on staying and observing the site
Actions:After seeing how many cars uses the parking lot. Shrinking the site and taking only 10 parking places that always is empty.

3rd sketch proposal based on feedback on emails from two people in the Sandviken community
Actions:Book pavilion and cafe is emerged into one and shrinked into half size

4th sketch proposal is based after spending even more time on site.
Actions:After seeing how many cars uses it as a relaxation place, for lunch break, napping place. I include their routines into the project. Community gathering place is adapted for who already using this parking as a public space.
5th after talking to the people on weekends who comes here to enjoy the view
Actions:Adding more colors, garbage bins, table tennis, transforming cafe+book shop into community kitchen

People were proposing programs for the site