Norway Amplified: Voices & Views

The sound installation as an experiment exploring which methods engages people the most for the discussion. The sound installation was one of a series of experiments, exploring what conditions makes people to meet and start discussion with each other.
The sound installation was one of the experiments that asked very political questions that could touch on a lot of issues that people really care about right now.

Does ending climate change require the end of global capitalism?Should Norway start phasing out oil and gas production to help climate and nature?Does Norway need to better manage immigration and integration in the country?Does Norway need to reduce its dependency on the petroleum sector, and ensure a more diversified and internationally competitive economy?Does the Norwegian government need to focus more on the quality of education?Is the railway system in Norway sufficient?Should road development in Norway be financed by tolls?What are your views on windmills on land?What are your views on windmills offshore?Should we allow genetically engineered babies in Norway?Should alcohol laws in Norway be less restrictive?Should kindergartens be free in Norway?What do you think the role of child welfare “Barnevern” should be in Norwegian society?Should the government ban second home ownership?Should the minimum pension be raised in Norway?Should the Norwegian government increase wealth tax?Should Norway move out of NATO, and rather strengthen its role in the UN to make peace?Should Norway withdraw its investment in Israel and stop its arms trade with the country?Should there be no obstacles for people to come to Norway and seek asylum?Should everyone in Norway live safely and openly, regardless of sexuality and gender expression?Why does racism exist in Norway?Should there be a clear distinction between state and church in Norway?Should there be tax on inheritance in Norway?How should we develop Bergen city?Should we support an economic, cultural and academic boycott of Israel?Should the Norwegian government strengthen public support for the culture?