New program for Town hall quarter in Bergen, Norway

Municipality is announcing that new public spaces indoors and outdoors in Town Hall quarter (Rådhuskvartalet) will assure the opportunity for the public gathering and participation. They promise "A hub for meeting activity and a lively arena for mutual information and exchange of views between Bergen citizens, politicians and administration. "When I gave to my friend to read these goals it seam for him that I wrote them myself. I wrote Stein project architect to find out how they are planning to achieve their goals for the Rådhuskvartalet?
Sum up of meeting with Stein:These goals written on the municipalities website is for the public space outside and for the public space inside. We want big discussion here. My problem is to put words on and make a program. My problem is to connect all of these buildings.
Stein pointed out that we have to argue for the public spaces indoors which wouldn´t be that concerned with the safety issue because of the possible terror attacks all the security check points, makes politicians unavailable for people right now.
So they actually doesn´t know how to achieve these goals yet, but we realised that our programs are the same.
So I chose to work on this part of the site where currently is parking and the building which will be taken down.
So until now indoor public space is divided in 6 different programs where some of them can be combined.
For example in public forum spaces I am thinking about:
Idea of a round amphitheater as an “informal parliament”, which would be a common meeting place for people.Also an idea of shoe free zone, rooms of different heights, with varying degrees of privacy, depending on the height of the seating.Space for exhibition, to see and discuss what municipality gonna decide next week and next year... An area to discuss with people around An area to meet politicians and talk to themCity model as a place to have discussions about the city.Device where you can express your opinions. “so you can influence” implemented in physical worldAn area for individual reflection.Inviting and comfortable furniture, in the hope that people will sit and talk longer.
First and second floor i my proposal would be public without high security level. With more like spontaneous walk in.
Goals of the municipality totally matching my goals and vision for Town Hall quarter:
The plan will provide a framework for the development of a representative headquarters for the municipality's political governance, with the opportunity for the public gathering and participation. The area must be well integrated into the urban structure and serve as a natural part of the city's everyday life.A municipal, political headquarters that is an integral part of the city center A clear, secure and functional organization of historic and new buildings An area of openness and high quality in representative buildings and urban spaces that contributes to active urban life A hub for meeting activity, marking and demonstration, and a lively arena for mutual information and exchange of views between Bergens, politicians and administration.

Intuitive research process before making the New program for Town hall quarter in Bergen, Norway