Small Art Gallery in Vilnius

The site is located in the Vilnius Old Town near the river Vilnele. In Maironis and Kudru streets corner. The gallery is conceived as a connection point for the Old Town and Uzupis district, the path next to the site is one of the biggest connections, which uses large inflows of both pedestrians and cyclists.The concept The concept is inspired by the historic gates, through the gallery will go pedestrian stream with the aim for people to travel through art space on their daily basis. Outside is planned public area and amphitheater that serves as a gathering area and place for public performances and talks. Expositions have the opportunity to expand into the outdoor space. Media art, cinema can be displayed outdoors on the white wall towards the amphitheater. The gallery includes a café, bookshop, educational space, auditorium, as well as storage and administrative office.Materials In the exterior façade is used white plaster that references the local materials of the city. In the glass facade is used the Kalwall nanogel panel system, which disperses natural daylight, does not create strong shadows and large contrasts in the gallery spaces. The light is pleasant to the human eye and does not cause problems when exposing art works.